Tasmania's Heritage Highway region, the historic heart of our island state!

Zooming up the Midland Highway between Hobart and Launceston will only take you a couple of hours. But we have a better idea; take your time, and discover why 200 years on, there is still plenty of ways to get held up on the Heritage Highway, and there’s not a bushranger in sight.

You’ll love travelling the countryside between the villages and towns, taking in the rolling hills, vast paddocks and stunning views of distant mountains. The sky is amazing, the colours and light change throughout the day and our night skies are spectacular.

Along the southern part of the highway see if you can spot the Shadows of the Past, silhouettes depicting scenes from our colonial days, including chain gang convicts, a doctor in his buggy, bushrangers, stagecoaches, a shepherd, surveyors, soldiers, Tasmanian Tigers and emus.

Take your time and experience our living history and relaxed country lifestyle. Visit some of Tasmania’s finest rural estates, including World Heritage Listed Convict Built sites; wander a rose garden that boasts 5,000 blooms; enjoy exceptional trout fishing; uncover the stories of ordinary girls in extraordinary circumstances at a female convict prison; discover the legend behind the intricate carvings on the stunning historic Ross Bridge; take a tour to the very top inside a working historic flour mill as the majestic blades catch the wind; admire a gorgeous Red Bridge (watch out for the ducks!); visit museums and learn the stories of the amazing people, places and events that helped to shape Tasmania.

Shoppers will fall in love with all kinds of shopping experiences: antiques, books, art, craft, markets, quirky stores, boutiques, and delicious food.

Adventurers will be thrilled with all kinds of activities: fishing, rock climbing, cycling, mountain biking, walking, hiking and skiing (seasonal).

Play Skulduggery and solve a local crime at Longford, Ross or Oatlands, and follow in the footsteps of a convict field policeman.

There are festivals, celebrations and events along the entire region throughout the year.

The role of convicts in shaping the landscape and social fabric of Tasmania’s Heritage Highway region is a story of hardship and survival. More than 90% of the convicts to Van Diemen’s Land were part of the Assignment system. Toiling on farms and in domestic situations, road gangs and other government infrastructure projects, the skills and labour, and many highly skilled trades of the assigned convicts was a cheap workforce that enabled many landowners to build grand estates and prosper, as well as the roads and bridges that opened up the interior of Tasmania. Theirs is a lasting legacy.

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